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Turned Tools for Your Craft (For Women & Non-Binary Makers) July 10th 10:00-2:00


Whether you are a baker, a crochet, or a woodworker each craft needs special tools. During this intro to spindle turning class, learn how to make a custom tool for your field. Choose from cherry, oak, or walnut to make your rounded tool. We will cover the basics of spindle turning: beads, coves, v-cuts. Please email jess@womenswoodshop.com your idea to confirm we can make it during this class. The lathe does have some limitations, although few!

*photo shows mallets used for many purposes in the shop but you could make a rolling pin, crochet hooks, mallets, and more

July 10th
Taught by Jess Hirsch

Cancellation Policy: please cancel 2 weeks in advance to receive 85% refund