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Multi-Purpose Baskets with Black Ash (For Women & Non-Binary Makers) October 20/21, 9-5:00


Baskets can be pretty handy and this one made of Black Ash harvested and processed by hand in northern Wisconsin is just plain pretty AND handy! For this 2 day workshop, participants can expect: a quick back yard demo on the log pounding process, choice material pre-selected and processed by the instructor, and thorough instruction on the continuous-weave Ash splint basket with inserted handle and reinforced splint skids.

The finished basket will measure approx. 9”x 6” at the base with an overall height of 9”. The oval opening at the top will be a bit wider, measuring approx. 11” x 10”. This basket is highly versatile and can even be modified into a bike basket that unclips from a bike attachment and be carried inside with you. A variety of attachments will be discussed with some on hand for viewing or purchase. Aprox $30 for a kit.

And while it can’t hold ALL of your groceries...it is perfect for an extra sweater and your water bottle or that quick trip to the store.

Feel free to bring your bike and other ideas of how to make this functional basket customized for your personal needs!

October 20th & 21st
9:00 am - 5:00 pm w/ a break for lunch
+ $60 for materials fee payable to April Stone on the day of class

About April Stone:
April began her journey as a basket weaver in 1998.

Since late 2000, April has shared her working knowledge of Ash splint basketry with thousands of people of all ages, and over the years, throughout the Great Lakes region and more recently, internationally. She enjoys teaching others about the awesome qualities of Black Ash and what people can make with their hands.

April’s affinity for Black Ash reveals itself the moment she picks up her scissors and starts cutting material. Her finished baskets are some of the sturdiest, most well made baskets in the country.

*Cancellation policy: Please give 2 week notice and you will be refunded 85% to cancel class.