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Joinery 101: Build a Wall Shelf (For Women & Non-Binary Makers) February 9th, 10:00-4:00

$90.00 / Sold Out

The mortise and tenon joint is the most used joint is constructing anything form tables, to shelving, to chairs,and so on. While there are many power tools available to execute this process, creating these joints by hand is incredibly satisfying.

Join TiAnna DeGarmo for a day of hands-on instruction where you will learn how to build a Wall shelf using this joint. You will learn proper layout techniques, proper chisel usage to produce a through mortise, and proper usage of a backsaw to create smooth and accurate walls in dado joints. Each student will walk away from this class with a gorgeous single level wall shelf they made themselves and a lot more confidence to tackle this type of joinery all on their own.

February 9th

Skill Level: Beginner
Instructor: TiAnna DeGarmo

All tools and material provided.

*Cancellations may occur 2 weeks prior to class for an 85% refund.