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Wood Block Cards (For Women & Non-binary Makers) Winter Offerings

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If you love carving wood and like the idea of making 2D prints..... If you love drawing but are new to wood.... If you have made a stamp or linoleum block at some point and want to explore printmaking traditions more.... Or if you are into patterns and texture.... Carving and printing woodblocks is for you!!!

In this beginner-friendly class we will supply all the materials you need to make woodblock prints and print it, and help you get set up for printing more at home. You can create a piece of art that can be made into multiples for art prints, cards, or pattern printing. Design templates will be available or you can bring your own design (keep in mind that your image will be reversed when printed!).

The instructor will email class participants two weeks prior to the class to offer examples to give a sense of the process and successful designs. Email Jessie at jessiemerriam@gmail.com with design ideas before 1 week before the class for feedback if you would like! Templates available in the class will be simple designs that lend themselves to black and white printing and take advantage of the wood grain.

February 21st


March 14th

Taught by Jessie Merriam

*Cancellation policy: Please give 2 week notice and you will be refunded 85% to cancel class.