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Cabinets 101: Building or Installing (or both) For Women and Non-binary Makers, Dec. 15th &/or 16th


Saturday 12/15 Class - Cabinets 101: Building ($100)

Knowing how to build a cabinet means you know your way around a shop and can handle a variety of tools. In this class we will build two frameless (also known as “European style”) cabinets, one base and one wall cabinet, for the Women’s Woodshop space. You’ll learn the basics of working with sheet goods (plywood, melamine, or mdf) and the elements of cabinet making. We’ll work with the table saw and dado, the miter saw, drills, and hand tools. This class is intended to familiarize students with the essentials of a commercial cabinet shop, to both build skills that you can apply at home or potentially assist you towards a career in the trades. All levels welcome.

Sunday 12/16 Class - Cabinets 101: Installation ($75)

If you can install a cabinet then you can install just about anything in your home. This class is the next step after the Cabinets 101: Building class, however it is not required to take both. We will install the cabinets built the previous day, in the Women’s Woodshop space. We will use levels, drills, and basic hand tools to lay out the space, find studs, and hang the cabinets. You will acquire fun and practical skills needed for your home, or if you seek a career in the trades. All levels welcome.


Taught by Jo Manu
Jo Manu specializes in cabinet and trim installation, with over 15 years of experience in the trades. Learn more about Jo here: https://www.instagram.com/manucarpentry/

*Cancellation policy: Please give 2 week notice and you will be refunded 85% to cancel class.