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Black Ash Basket Weaving with April Stone


Hexagonal weaving is a fun and easy weave to learn, working with 3 elements in different directions, and focusing on one triangle at a time. This type of weaving not only sets the foundation for future, more complicated weaving projects (such as mad weave) but is used to create beautiful baskets that look great on the wall, on the table, or making cheese with. The Shakers once used this style of basket for making cheese where the basket became the colander.

Join April for this 2 day workshop of fun!

On day one, participants will cut material using slitting gauges followed by weaving the base and up the sides of the basket with their pre-pounded choice weaving material. On day two, weaving the sides will continue and finish followed by lashing the rim system into place and clean up of completed basket. Finished baskets will measure approximately 8” in diameter and 4” in height (or thereabouts).

When: November 23 & 24, 2019 @ Women’s Woodshop

Time: 9 - 5 each day with a break for lunch
$225 for class

Materials fee $40 to be paid to the instructor.