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empowering women & non-binary makers through the art of woodcraft

What actions are you taking for Covid-19?

  • We are staying up to date with information. Here are some of the local resources:

  • We are asking everyone that visits the woodshop to stay home if you feel even minor symptoms of cold, flu, fatigue, upper respiratory uneasiness. In such cases, we will allow you to reschedule any class for up to 60 days of your missed class (for any future date class). You can still cancel your classes 14 days in advance with no penalty.

  • We are upping the game and keeping our shop even cleaner before and after each class.Since COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for up to 9 days, it is important to disinfect surfaces and often.

  • All products leaving our shelves will go through the disinfection process for worry- free product owning or gifting experience.

  • If an instructor is ill, they will cancel classes and you will be fully refunded or can transfer your class credit immediately. 

  • Notifications of class cancellation will be via email.

What is your cancellation policy during the Covid-19 scare? You may transfer your class credit for up to 60 days of your cancelled class (to any future class). If the course costs less than you cancelled class we will not be able to refund the difference, and if it costs more, we will request the additional amount.

If you are taking a multi-day class and need to cancel for 2 or more sessions due to illness, you will be offered a credit for the percentage of courses you missed.  Example: if you miss 2 of the Handy Person Kitchen Class ($40/ class) you will be able to transfer $80 credit to a new course. If you miss 1 class, we will help you catch up with notes, photos, and in some cases video documentation.

What is your cancellation policy? If you cancel your class 2 weeks prior, you will be refunded 100%. 

How big are your classes? Our classes are capped at 6 to 10 students to ensure students maximize one on one contact with our instructors.

When do you ship your orders? Goods are shipped within 3-5 business days.

What do you mean by “Women's Woodshop” what about trans/femme/non-binary folk? We use the word "Women" to signify a feminine approach to woodworking. You don' t have to identify as a woman to take this approach, just like you can take the Shaker approach to furniture making without adopting the celibate religion.  Our classes are geared towards Women & Non-binary makers but we also offer all gender/no-gender courses too.  Our intent is not to proliferate gendering people. What we hope the name signifies is that we use non-patriarchal styles of teaching, honoring support over competition. This space is for all genders and those beyond the binary.

Also trans women are women. There is no discussion here, and if you want to argue with this, this place is not the right place for you.

What does non-binary mean? Non-binary is a term for folks that are gender fluid and don't align with the male or female gender. People also use the term Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) or Two-Spirited (a Native term) to recognize folks beyond the binary. 

Why do you offer co-ed classes? Co-ed classes are offered because men have different learning styles too. Women’s Woodshop provides a space where men can learn in a supportive community with no expectations of experience based on gender.

I can’t afford it. Can you help? YES, we have a scholarship pool. Email us how much you can afford and we will cover the rest if we have the funds. No questions asked. womenswoodshop @

How can I get involved? Propose a class. Volunteer. Get in touch. We are growing.

What is safe attire? Closed toed shoes, non-dangling clothing, something you can get dirty.

What is your age minimum? We are 18+ unless noted in our course description. Check out Leonardo's basement for awesome kid classes.

Do you offer private classes? We sure do! Typically courses run about $400 for a total of 8 students for a 3 hour class and if they are offsite we can relocate to your party for our log lady fee of $50. Hire us for your next work retreat, bachelorette party, birthday anniversary celebration etc....

About the shop

Fireweed Community Woodshop (formerly Women's Woodshop) empowers women and non-binary makers through the art of woodcraft.   We offer classes, community events, and more.


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