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Eating Spoon (For Women & Non-binary Makers) May 20th 10:00-4:00


This class will cover the basic principles of spoon carving using hand tool techniques. Students will attempt carving an eating spoon using an axe, sloyd knife, and hook knife (or gouge).

I will teach students safety, how to find a proper spoon blank, hewing techniques, and correct use of tools. We will go over correct knife grasps and efficient use of energy. We will also cover basic design elements, layout, talk about different approaches to carving and if there is time- decoration.

Tools and Materials:
-Lumber crayon, marker or pencil- something that works on green wood.
-Carving Axe
-Sloyd knife
-Hook knife, twca cam, scorp or bent knife of some kind

May 19th
10:00-4:00 with a 1/2 hr lunch break

2237 E 38th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Taught by Amy Umbel

About Amy Umbel:

With a passion for painting and decoration, I have become interested in combining folk culture, patterns, and the roots of human expression.

I'm interested in building upon craft traditions to keep them relevant to our culture. I use traditional hand-work methods to make beautiful utilitarian objects as well as sculptural work. I focus on the combination of my experience, art, and woodworking.

*Cancellation policy: Please give 2 week notice and you will be refunded 85% to cancel class.