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Build a Post and Rung Stool (For women & non-binary makers) Feb 24th/25th 9:00-5:00


We sit every day. In this 2 day course students will each build a traditional post and rung stool as we explore aspects of chair making. On the first day, learn to shape and shave stool parts out of dry and green wood. On day two, use mortise and tenon joinery to assemble your posts and rungs into your stool frame. Finally, we'll explore different seat weaving patterns and use traditional shaker tape to weave a beautiful pattern for your seat. And of course, we'll sit. As any good chairmaker says, a chair is never finished until you sit on it.

February 24th & 25th
9:00-5:00 with an hour break for lunch

All materials included in cost.

Taught by visiting artist: Rose Holdorf
Rose is a craftsperson who grew up in Oregon between a fir forest and an oak savanna in a house her parents built. She is a Macalester College graduate and has spent the past few years working for an organic farm in the Willamette Valley, a radio and video storytelling nonprofit in Portland, at Wildcraft Studio School in the Columbia River Gorge, and as a Craft and Education Intern at North House Folk School. Wherever her adventures lead, Rose hopes to nurture our land and empower those who value it so we can have stronger relationships with the environment and each other.